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Sustainable Supply Chains

Building trust across our supply chains

We believe the private sector has an important role to play in finding solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges – from addressing climate change, to protecting natural resources and improving food security. We’re working with farmers, government, industry groups, customers and consumers to make the future of food more sustainable.

Consumers are increasingly interested in where their food originates and how it is produced. Cargill is helping our customers provide consumers the clarity and confidence they seek around products and ingredients. Being able to trace food back to its origin or track the environmental and social impacts of a supply chain requires cooperation across a complex global food system. We are embracing the opportunity to build trust in the food system and deliver value for our customers.  

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MG官方客户端 Each supply chain is unique, and Cargill leverages its size, expertise and supply chain capabilities in a variety of ways to create a more sustainable, food-secure future.

From bean to bar - know your cocoa supply chain

cocoa farmers hand sorting beans

Learn about the unique challenges to creating a sustainable, profitable cocoa supply.

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MG官方客户端 As a global company we are mindful of our impacts in the word. The following topics should foster understanding of our efforts.

Cargill and McDonald’s verify sustainable beef in Canada


MG官方客户端 A McDonald’s pilot project in Canada has successfully tracked nearly 9,000 head of cattle from birth to beef through a fully verified supply chain, resulting in the equivalent of 2.4 million beef patties for McDonald’s Canada.

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